Tulisa’s bandmate blasts ‘unfair’ X Factor

The bandmate of new X Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos has hit out at the show, saying it is “unfair” on those who struggle for years to find stardom.

The 24-year-old N-Dubz star – who is also Tulisa’s cousin – told The Sun that the show allowed its acts to become famous without any effort, while he took seven years to achieve recognition for his own music.

“For X Factor, you have to stand in a queue and you’re not famous but after that first audition you get people coming up to you asking for pictures for the next six months – whether you win or lose,” he said.

“So you’re famous coming out of that one audition. The broadcasting is massive for that.

“The point is, we have to struggle for what, six or seven years just to get two people to come up to us and ask us for a picture.”

Dappy also blasted stars like Wagner, who reached the quarter finals of the 2010 series despite several off-key performances.

“Wagner is a great man but talent-wise he hasn’t really got any,” he pointed out. “But women come up to him and ask him for pictures – I mean what is going on? I’m not jealous of Wagner. I love Wagner.

“But it’s not fair that people like us, we struggle how many years trying to get success? These people go and do one or two auditions and they come back famous for six or seven months – just like that.

“And it’s a dream come true for them, just because of the coverage.”

But despite his outspoken views Dappy admitted he plans to use Tulisa’s involvement in the show to his advantage – and will appear later in the series with her and fellow band member Fazer to perform a new track.