Tumble: actress Emma Samms is bounced out of the celebrity gymnastics contest

Tumble rolled into week three with an opening number by the pro gymnasts on trampolines that was full of bounce … Unfortunately, celebrity contestant Emma Samms wasn’t.

This week’s disciplines were trampoline, and rhythmic gymnastics with props.

Actress Emma didn’t have the bounce, rhythm or skill. For her rhythmic gymnastics performance with a ball as her prop, Emma scored just 23.5 out of 40.

Which meant she found herself in the vault-off against Sugababe Amelle Berrabah, who had scored 24 for her rhythmic gymnastics with a rope as her prop – probably because it looked like she nearly strangled herself with it at one point.

Emma nailed her landing after her straddle vault, but head judge Nadia Comaneci wasn’t impressed. “It was a basic vault, not very impressive,” she said.

Amelle’s round-off vault was “technically more difficult,” said Nadia. And it was – and Amelle nailed it. So Nadia saved Amelle.

“It has been fantastic but I have a few bruises!” laughed Emma.

She’s not the only one.

The other eight contestants suffered in training for this week’s contest, which saw CBBC’s Wolfblood actor Bobby Lockwood soar to the top of the leaderboard with a score of 32.5 out of 40 for his rhythmic gymnastics performance with a basketball as his prop.

Bobby dropped the ball once – but the judges were still impressed.

“What do we expect from rhythmic gymnastics? That. It was brilliant,” judge Louis Smith told Bobby

“Co-ordination, manipulation, acrobatics – you’re ready for Vegas,” added fellow judge Sebastien Stella.

“You’re not lacking anything,” Nadia told Bobby.

Coming second out of the remaining nine celebrities with 30 points was ex-EastEnder John Partridge, who also performed rhythmic gymnastics – but his prop was a pair of drumsticks.

“When I get nervous my palms get sweaty – not a good thing when you have to throw and catch,” said John during training. No, it wouldn’t be.

He dropped the sticks once but still banged out an impressive routine.

“It was dynamic, the kind of act I would pay to see on stage,” Sebastien told John.

“You have great co-ordination,” added Nadia.

Carl Froch, Peter Duncan and Lucy Mecklenburgh were tied on a score of 29.5, all of them performing routines on the trampoline.

World Champion boxer Carl “the Cobra” admitted he was scared of the trampoline because of the lack of control. “It petrifies me,” he said.

“You started off iffy but got into it. Well done,” Louis said to Carl.

“You stepped out of your comfort zone and you’re learning to become a performer,” added fourth judge Craig Heap.

Former Blue Peter presenter Peter, who was saved last week by Nadia, bounced back with a routine on the trampoline that was “good fun”, said Louis. “It wasn’t tidy but I enjoyed it.”

“You’re an amazing performer and you cover up your mistakes well,” added Nadia.

Former TOWIE star Lucy was a bundle of nerves in training on the trampoline but she pulled off all the tricks on the night.

“It was brilliant. You’ve shown the most improvement over the weeks,” Louis told Lucy.

“I believe there is a gymnast in you waiting to get out,” added Craig.

That left Ian “H’ Watkins and Sarah Harding tied on 26.5 points.

Former Steps star Ian hurt his neck in training on the trampoline and had to modify his routine.

“It wasn’t the same level as last week, something was missing,” Louis told Ian, who had scored 31 points last week.

“Probably not your best performance,” added Craig.

“But you did a huge back somersault,” Nadia pointed out.

Girls Aloud singer Sarah nailed her back somersault on the trampoline and was thrilled – but was visibly upset by her score, which was lower than her 28.5 score last week.

“I like that you went for the back somersault but I’d like to see more control,” Nadia told Sarah.

“It’s stressful and that comes across. Just enjoy it,” said Louis.

That’s easy for him and his Olympic medals to say.

And next week they have to do it all again.

Tumble continues on BBC1, Saturday, August 30, 6.15pm.