Will there by a showbiz future for the new Prince?

The new royal baby might only be a day old, but legendary TV astrologer Russell Grant is already predicting he will be the next “Prince Charming.”

Kate gave birth at 11.01 yesterday morning at St Mary’s Hospital, London, to a baby boy, who’s fifth in line to the throne, and that prompted Russell to do a detailed chart looking at the tot, who is a Taurus star sign.

Speaking on This Morning, Russell explained: “We’ve done the whole chart. April 23rd 2018 is a really lovely thread going through here with the whole royal family.

“There is a lot of strong cancerian energy which links up with Diana, which links up with William, which links up with young George.”

As we wait to hear the baby’s name, Russell, 67, added: “It’ a very traditional sign, very family orientated, connects with the family, very emotional. But there’s a lot of showbizness here too.

“The moon, which is the emotional side of the chart, is in Leo. He’s going to be Prince Charming. He is going to be a wonderful sweet talker.

“This is a very beautiful chart. The Taurean links with his sister and the Queen. There is this amazing bond.”

So, will his “showbizness” might the new Prince end up on strictly?

Watch this space!

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