What’s On TV Tonight? Our Pick Of The Best Shows: Thursday 9th November

TV Times tops picks for tonight

What’s on telly tonight? Here the TV Times team of expert reviewers highlight three of the best shows on telly tonight for Thursday 9th November

John Bishop: In Conversation, 9.00pm, W

As an elegant Joan Collins reminisces about her life, it’s hard for the actress not to drop names, given the company she’s kept. She’s in good form here, telling stories about early roles alongside the likes of Bette Davis, and recalling entertaining Peter Sellers, Dudley Moore and Julie Andrews at the home she shared with second husband Anthony Newley. Perhaps the most interesting memory is of Barbra Streisand serenading Newley at a party – Joan later found out that, as she suspected at the time, the two had had an affair. At 84, Joan is sharp as a tack, funny and candid, saying that for all the glamour, her life has included “a huge amount of heartbreak and heartache.” Rating: ****

Trump: An American Dream, 9.00pm, C4

How did Donald J Trump beat the odds and confound political pundits to become leader of the free world?

How did Donald J Trump beat the odds and confound political pundits to become leader of the free world? This new series charts the remarkable journey of the 71-year-old US President over the past five decades, from the rise and fall of the family real estate business to his celebrity status as host of The Apprentice and his controversial election campaign. Episode one of the four-parter, which includes archive footage and interviews with people who have crossed paths with ‘The Donald’, is followed by Angry, White and American, in which journalist Gary Younge explores the rise of the ‘alt right’ in the USA. Rating: ****

Bad Habits, Holy Orders,10.00pm, C5

Bad Habits, Holy Orders

With their stay in the convent coming to an end, the girls are set their toughest task yet – to spend a week back in their home environments and resist all temptation. Can they do it? A sweet, uplifting series, which has seen the girls’ confidence and respect flourish under the guidance of loving nuns. Rating: ****

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