Leah Totton’s Apprentice win has angered TV’s Doctor Christian.

Dr Christian Jessen called into question how wise it was to put a junior doctor in charge of a cosmetic procedures clinic chain without anyone overseeing her work.

He tweeted: “Alan Sugar has certainly not done patient safety and medical aesthetics any favours by promoting very junior doc 2 run Botox/filler clinics!”

The Embarrassing Bodies doctor went on: “The apprentice winner in question may well be entirely competent but I do sorry (sic) about the image projected on the show of these procedures.

“As the medical director who will be her senior to guide her when things go wrong?!”

He also brought up the issue of how safe the treatments actually were: “I wonder if you know that there was a recent case of a patient rendered completely blind in one eye after having facial fillers…?”

Leah, who is launching skin clinic Dr Leah with new business partner Lord Sugar and the £250,000 prize money, insisted throughout The Apprentice that she was offering a safe option for those who wanted facial fillers or skin peels.

She said: “The reason I went into this process is because there’s been a lot of press coverage this year about these procedures being done inappropriately in non-clinical environments by people who are not medical health professionals and that is the reason why I’ve done the show.”