The Weakest Link’s Queen of Mean Anne Robinson says she thinks “all television is sexist and ageist’.

She says that other older female TV stars who had been shown the door did not ‘have her CV’.

“I’m quite pragmatic,” the 64-year-old told Radio Times. “If there was a lovely blonde with huge breasts and long legs who had my experience and wit, I’d be out of a job.

“I think all television is sexist and ageist.”

But young women working in TV had a better chance of getting on than men in a similar position, she said.

“There are a lot of pretty young things with not much talent appearing on television here, and I don’t think that young guys who are not as attractive would get those gigs,” she said.

Anne will soon be back hosting consumer rights show Watchdog, 16 years after she first presented it and eight years after she left to concentrate on teatime quiz The Weakest Link.

She said she had no worries about being taken seriously after eight years in light entertainment as her ‘Queen of Mean’ reputation had only been enhanced by the Weakest Link.