TV Premiere | Bangkok Dangerous

From today on Sky Box Office, and also currently showing on FilmFlex


Bangkok Dangerous was never going to be a movie I’d rush to the cinema to see. Not because it’s a trigger happy action flick – I do like a bit of gunslinging from time to time – but because it’s a remake.

Even if the original directors – twin brothers Oxide and Danny Pang – are also responsible for the new version, the story has inevitably gone through changes, becoming mainstream enough to make as much money as possible (which it did at the US box office btw). For instance, in the original 1999 movie, the main character is deaf and mute. But not to allow a Hollywood star like Nicholas Cage to speak would have been a waste of resources one presumes, not to mention annoyed slow Joe in the back row, who needs to be told everything three times.

However, from the comfort of my own sofa (curtains closed), I have to confess that this movie is a mainstream guilty pleasure of mine. I also confess that I am totally biased because I think Nicholas Cage is the best thing to have happened to the world since…penicillin! And, no, I can’t quite explain my fascination with a man who insists on repeatedly sporting dodgy hairstyles. But as Cage’s character Joe says in the movie:

‘I was taught four rules…One: Don’t ask questions. There is no such thing as right and wrong.’

To find out the other three, watch the movie!

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