TV presenter Angellica in marriage split

TV presenter Angellica Bell has split from her husband after just 18 months – and is now dating GMTV’s Michael Underwood, according to the papers.

The Sun reports that the 32-year-old – one of the presenters of The One Show as well as ITV2’s CelebAir – grew close to Michael earlier this year after her marriage to personal trainer Stuart Armory ran into problems.

“It’s very sad that Stuart and I are over,” Angellica told the paper.

“It’s early days but Michael and I are together. Obviously Stuart is very hurt but he’s a great guy, I hope we can both move on.”

“Stuart and I had been having problems since last summer. It was really hard,” she added.

“But we were both in the wrong place, he had a change of career and I left the BBC. We were finding ourselves again and it didn’t work.”

Angellica also told the paper that Michael – whom she met nine years ago when they worked together on Children’s BBC – admitted to having had feelings for her before she tied the knot.

“Michael and I always had chemistry but I always had boyfriends. He was one of my closest friends. A couple of months before I got married, he expressed how he felt,” she said.

“It was really hard but we decided it would be best if he stayed out of the picture, I wanted to give my marriage a real go, I was in love.”

The pair were reunited nine months ago after Angellica attended a recording of Dancing on Ice, which Michael took part in briefly this year before an ankle injury forced him to pull out.

Angellica said they were “best friends. We have been together for three weeks and now it is serious.”

“He has liked me for such a long time, it is like a fairytale.”