TV star Kris expected back at work this week

Former My Family star Kris Marshall is expected to be back on stage later this week despite suffering head injuries after being run over in the weekend.

BBC Online reports that the 35-year-old comic actor is currently in rehearsals for West End play, Fat Pig, with Peep Show star Robert Webb and actress Ella Smith.

“He’s still in hospital but just having check-ups – I’m sure he’ll be back in rehearsals on Thursday,” said Smith said.

Marshall was hit by a car in Bristol city centre in the early hours of Sunday morning.

“Last we heard he’s doing very well – apparently he has the day off tomorrow and then he’ll be back,” said Webb.

“We think it’s a just a big ploy because he hasn’t learnt his lines… but no, he’s fine and we really look forward to having him back,” added Smith.

Fat Pig is due to open next month in London.

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