TV Times’ 9 Fantasy Xmas Specials

This year’s Christmas telly has plenty to recommend it but here are nine very special festive specials TV Times would also love to see on our screens. 


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Celebrity Great British Bake-Off-Sewing-Bee-Pottery-Throw-Down


Paul ‘Hulk” Hollywood versus Mary “Bomber” Berry versus Patrick “Grrrrr” Grant versus Keith “Boo-hoo” Brymer Jones…. over three all-action events – alternative title: Crafty Gladiators

2 The Apprentice: You’re Festive!

Lord ‘Bah Humbug’ Sugar is in a Santa suit and Karren and Claude are dressed as little helpers as the candidates not only design, make and market a new Christmas toy, but also deliver their product to the nation’s children on Christmas Eve.


3 Doctor Foster’s Christmas Cracker

Hide the carving knife as betrayed and thoroughly messed-up Gemma Scrooge (Suranne Jones) and son ‘Tiny’ Tom drop in on cheating husband and girlfriend for a Christmas Day to remember….


4 EastEnders’ Walford Wonderland


Who doesn’t love the nation’s annual dollop of Christmas Day misery, but imagine an seasonal episode in which everyone was (gasp) happy – in a thoroughly Disney way! Ian Beale whistling while he works, Dean Wicks as the resident Prince Charming and Carter faaamily singalongs throughout. Sorted.

5 Peter Kay’s Christmas Eve Car Share

We might be having a bit of fun with our other choices but we are DEADLY serious about this one…  John (Peter Kay) and car buddy Kayleigh are en route to their Christmas Eve shift while Forever FM blasts out Christmas classics. Just that. And it’ll be brilliant. It’s a scandal this isn’t already happening!

6 Cookalong with Mrs Brown


This needs to be live and uninterrupted with Agnes Brown and family all mucking in to produce a magnificent spread



Doctor Who: The Broadchurch Timeslip

Bear with us… Broadchurch may not be the jolliest show on the box but as detectives Alec Hardy (David Tennant) and Ellie Miller (Olivia Colman) walk off their dinner along the beach they stumble into… the TARDIS! Hardy slips on a billowy tan coat and red Converse, and voila – he’s Doctor Who! His mission? Go back in time and save Danny Latimer. And the Sandbrook girls. And stop Miller from marrying murderous Joe. IS that the unmistakable aroma of  BAFTA we can smell?

8 The Queen presents Have I Got News For You


We always look forward to Her Majesty The Queen’s Christmas Day message but if she’s looking for ways to spice up her  summary of the year’s  events then hosting an end-of-year HIGNFY special could broaden her fanbase as never before. Especailly if she brought a corgi or two with her…


The Gogglebox Christmas Party


All  the Goggleboxers in one living room – Christmas drinks at Steph and Dom’s, with Scarlett in her snazzy slippers clinking glasses with Giles and Mary while watching The Great British Bake-Off-Sewing-Bee-Pottery-Thrown-Down…? Christmas does not get more cracking!

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