Here the TV Times team of expert reviewers highlight three of the best shows on telly tonight for Saturday 16th September, including a cracking Casualty episode

Casualty, 8.45pm, BBC1

Casualty 16th September new


Hats off to the Casualty writers: this new series seems to be all about unlikely double acts and it’s absolutely inspired. First off there’s Iain and Lily, the most mismatched but compelling ED romance in ages. Tonight, Iain pushes his new girlfriend to tell the rest of the department they’re together, but is she ready to go public? Then there are the ridiculously incompatible friends David and Dylan, whose brilliant bromance is hilarious to watch. It’s a serious time for them tonight, though, as they reunite Sanosi with his uncle and don’t get the happy ending they wanted. Finally, there’s Connie’s newfound maternal instinct towards Ethan, and this week she reveals bigplans for his future… Rating: ****

Even Better Than The Real Thing, 7.00pm, BBC1

Even Better Than The Real Thing


Do not adjust your sets… For one night only, Paddy McGuinness brings together some of the world’s best tribute acts for a one-hour special. Five tributes – to Whitney Houston, Bruno Mars, George Michael, Amy Winehouse and Little Mix – will perform, and then the studio audience will vote for their favourite superstar doppelgänger. The top three tributes go through to the next round, where they’ll each sing a duet with a different tribute act sitting in a special ‘VIP area’. Stars in Their Eyes this isn’t; these singers really are the best in the business – and where else would you get all these stars under one roof? Great stuff! Rating: *****

Mission Saturn, 8.00pm, National Geographic

mission saturn NEW

Yesterday, the biggest interplanetary spacecraft NASA has ever built self-destructed. Cassini made a suicidal dive into Saturn’s stratosphere and brought to an explosive finale two decades in space. The probe had run out 
of the propellants that got it to Saturn, 
and by crash-landing it, scientists have preserved Saturn’s pristine moons for 
later exploration. This film uses incredible photographs the probe has captured to 
tell the story of Cassini, which has given scientists amazing insights into Saturn and the potential of its moons to sustain life. A Horizon special airs on BBC2 on Monday (times vary). Rating: ***