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Now, if you’re reading this as a result of my title, hoping to learn some new and exciting gossip about Robert Pattinson, then I’m sorry. I’m unable to reveal Pattinson‘s favourite colour, the name of his first pet or whether he flosses every day. However, I’m  sure you know all those details already.

No, I’ve lured you here for purely selfish reasons. You see, when I watched high school vampire flick Twilight a few months ago I wasn’t bitten by the Edward Cullen obsession like you, and I’m eager to understand why. What did I miss?


To activate the sound in the trailer: hold your cursor over the screen to reveal the control panel and click on the volume control in the bottom right-hand corner.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the film. The moody, atmospheric setting is unforgettable, and those sequences involving balletic leaping through the forest are truly beautiful. I was certainly entertained and cannot deny that the brooding passion between high school new girl Bella (Kristen Stewart) and good vampire Edward (Pattinson) is believable. But, what is it about the pallid Edward Cullen that has turned so many people (not just 13-year-old girls, but grown women!) into lovesick, drooling dreamers?

Perhaps it’s that sickly-looking, pasty face that brings out a protectiveness?

Twilight, Robert Pattinson


or maybe it’s the mystery of what lies behind those hooded eyes ?

Robert Pattinson

Come to bedward

or is there simply something attractive about this young lad’s poise and style?

Twilight, Robert Pattinson


I’m hoping someone will explain this robsession to me in time for the opening of New Moon in UK cinemas next week.


Have I begged enough? Here’s a gallery to entice you.


Twilight is showing on Sky Movies Premiere today at 12.40 pm and 8pm, and at various times throughout the week.