Twilight Triple Bill 2 July 2010

Last Friday, my Twi-hard Team Edward and Team Jacob friends and I took ourselves to the cinema to watch Twilight, New Moon and a preview of Eclipse all in one sitting. You may remember from last Friday’s post that I had some concerns…

I’m glad to report that my rear end fared pretty well thanks to soft seats. But it is shocking how exhausting sitting can be – especially when you do 7 hours of it, and especially when preceeded by 5 hours of painting walls in the heat – so I regret to inform you that I did fall in and out of sleep during Eclipse so the whole thing is a hazy blur in my memory. After having watched the first two instalments, I was completely drawn into the fantasy world though, and my twilit state resulted in that weird feeling of waking up from a dream and it still feeling totally real – like I had actually been in the movie.  And it made that snowy action scene towards the end all the more magical and surreal (and the only thing I vividly recall).


Although we all enjoyed seeing the saga-so-far in one go, it was agreed that when Breaking Dawn comes out  (November 18th 2011, people!), we will not be attending the quad bill. No amount of coffee in the world could see me through that.

Adele and Edward

So, we’ll be bakk!

In the meantime, I shall be taking my hypnopompic self to go see Christopher Nolan‘s Inception on 16 July. I’ll try not to fall asleep during that one though or I might end up with Leonardo DiCaprio inside my head.


Just the music gives me goose bumps!