Not one but two apprentices could face Sir Alan Sugar’s wrath on Wednesday as he’s apparently set to bark ‘You’re fired!’ at a pair of contestants.

For the first time in the history of the hit show The Apprentice, the business mogul is so disappointed with the losing team that he sacks two of them, the Daily Mirror reports.

Although a spokesman for The Apprentice refused to confirm the news, the paper claims Sir Alan fires the first loser and then says to the remaining pair: “I’m telling you now – as unusual as it is – one of you is still going to get fired.”

He reportedly adds to the unfortunate team members: “I told you never to underestimate me. And don’t try to second guess what I’ll do.”

In the second episode of the hit BBC One show, Sir Alan apparently gets the groups to design and sell an accessory for dog owners.

“People love their dogs, they’ll spend a fortune on gadgets and trinkets. Come up with something for these nutters to buy,” the paper quotes Sir Alan as saying.

Could it be this dog product? Watch action from week 2 of The Apprentice