These two Emmerdale legends to meet on screen for FIRST TIME EVER, reveals star

Claire King says that Kim Tate has never met this character before...

Emmerdale star Claire King has revealed that Kim Tate and Cain Dingle will meet for the first time in the show’s history  tomorrow night.

It seems remarkable that the two legends have never shared any screen time together before in the ITV soap, but that’s about to change says Claire, who plays the baddie.

Kim threatens to help the police find evidence against Cain unless he plays ball in Emmerdale

“Hello Cain, I’m Kim Tate”… “Nice to meet you, Kim… hang on a second, aren’t you an evil baddie who’s going to try and ruin my life?!”

In Thursday’s episodes, Kim gets a reluctant Graham to pick her up from prison after her release, however their car breaks down and, after Graham heads off for help, Cain (Jeff Hordley) stops to see what he can do.

“Cain and Kim don’t know one another, so he tries to fix the car,” reveals Claire.

“Kim says: ‘Sorry, I should introduce myself, I’m Kim Tate…’ and that’s like a red rag to a bull. Cain doesn’t want anything to do with her, and battle lines are drawn.

“As far as she’s concerned he killed Joe, so she’s going to play with him like a cat plays with a half-dead mouse. She thinks she can make him do whatever she wants.”

Kim's car breaks down and Cain stops to help in Emmerdale

Kim and Cain will quickly give up on the niceties in Emmerdale!

Kim being Kim threatens to get Cain jailed for Joe’s murder. She tells Cain that she’ll find a piece of evidence that links him to the deadly deed – which was actually done by her henchman Graham Foster of course! – and get him banged up… unless Cain helps her.

And the plot will take another twist next week when Kim tries to kiss Cain! However, even Cain’s not that daft! After all, why would you want to leap into bed with a woman who’s just threatened to get you sent down for murder?!

Meanwhile, this evening’s episode will see a big day for Bernice Blackstock and Liam Cavanagh as they start living together…

Emmerdale continues on ITV tonight at 7pm.