Unlikely Angel

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On Movies 24 today at 6.30pm

Since Dolly Parton can do no wrong in most people’s eyes, she actually makes the most likely angel, I think. However, she’s not playing herself in this seasonal TV movie – she stars as a self-centred lounge singer who dies but can’t enter heaven until she earns her wings by bringing a family together in time for Christmas.

It’s a  predictable plot, but if you like Dolly (and I do) it’s uplifting festive fun, and the title song is great.

I wish I had a busty angel dolly to pop on top of my Christmas tree.

I couldn’t find any decent clips from this film, but I did find this surreal Unlikely Angel/Titanic hybrid which looks suspiciously to me like the work of someone who’d spent one Christmas seriously downing the eggnogs.


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