Upstaged: Chris Cohen makes it up as he goes along

Keeping an act going for six hours on BBC3’s new talent show Upstaged isn’t easy – especially when you are making it up as you go along… Like Chris Cohen. Tell me about your act?
“We just see people walking by, find out their name, what they do as a job and make up a song about them, make it rhyme. I think that’s why we stayed in the box for as long as we did because it was a bit different and people just loved it.” What was your favourite song that you made up?
“Oh, there were so many but there was this guy that came out when it got dark, in a hi-vis jacket, we called him hi-vis jacket man and did a three part trilogy – a song every night about him.” What do you think about the other contestants? Who’s your biggest competition?
“There are some great acts, they’re a talented bunch. The Vloggers have got a huge online fanbase so we knew we’d lose when we came up against them.” So how is it being in a box for six hours?
“Long! The first day seemed really long. The first two days we were ahead in the votes at half time so that gives you a bit of a boost. On the third day we were behind though and that feels like a kick in the teeth and you think – I’ve still got three hours left!” How many songs do you think you made up in that time?
“Our final count was about 160 songs in three days! Every day we were like, do you think we can beat yesterday?” How many of them do you think you can remember now?
“What’s weird is as soon as you’ve sung them they just go. I can remember one or two of them now, but that’s only because I’ve watched them since coming out of the box.” How have you found the interactive element and getting feedback online?
“It’s a brilliant thing. I know some acts have had a lot of negative feedback come through but we’ve been lucky. We’ve had people from America saying they’re watching our act and from all over Europe. Every comment we’ve had has been really positive so it’s been awesome to grow the fanbase.” What are your hopes for the future, after Upstaged?
“We’ve already been approached by a couple of agents asking to represent us and had a few radio stations asking for interviews so it’s already created a little bit of a stir. If we could find a vehicle to do what we do then that would be great. If nothing comes of it, we can still say we had a blast!” *Tune into Upstaged on BBC3 at 11.30pm each weeknight from Monday, March 10*