Upstaged: The Vloggers tell us what it’s all about

BBC3’s new show, Upstaged, is a spin on talent shows because contestants have to entertain the public for six hours straight – in a box. Meet one group, the Vloggers So what exactly is vlogging?
“Vloggings’s like keeping a diary but through video – it grew out of blogging and has become popular on YouTube and social networking sites. So you can talk about anything that affects you in life – things that annoy you, your interests, what you want to achieve in life. You just have to pick out the most inspirational things.” What does your act on Upstaged involve?
“It’s a collaboration of all our different talents such as comedy, rapping and a lot of interaction and fun – we take on challenges from the public as well.” Does it help to have so many of you when you are trying to fill six hours?
“We’re trying to get organised and bounce off each other, but trying to fill six hours is hard work. We’ve been in the box for three days now, so that’s 18 hours – or as much airtime as nine weeks of EastEnders!” What kind of response have you had?
“We’ve had an amazing response. We have a great online fanbase, but obviously you can’t please everyone. We’ve had a lot of people saying it’s like a party on the screen. It may a look a bit chaotic – but that’s what keeps it interesting.“ How have you found the interactive element?
“We’ve done full on interactive online gigs before, but this is different as it’s not constant. We get given a card every so often telling us what people are asking for. It helps inspire us and keep it fresh.“ Do you think it will help people pay more attention to online talent?
“A lot of people look down their noses a bit at sites like YouTube, but there is a lot of talent on there and a show like Upstaged can show the collaborative opportunities and make people more aware of what the YouTube community is all about.” Tune into Upstaged on BBC3 at 11.30pm each weeknight from Monday, March 10.