Comedian Kathy Griffin says many Americans are confused by the hype around Posh and Becks moving to LA – because they don’t know why they’re famous.

The Emmy-nominated star, who is known for joking about celebrities in her stand-up shows, said: “There’s a bit of confusion about why we’re supposed to be interested in them.

“We can’t quite figure out why they’re famous, because football isn’t popular there, so I don’t think the guys quite get him, and they think of Posh as just a girl who used to be in a band that was kind of silly to begin with.”

The 46-year-old, whose reality TV show Kathy Griffin: My Life On The D-List starts in the UK on June 3, added that Victoria and David Beckham had too much money and global fame to join her on the D-list.

“I think it’s interesting that they seem to be hand-picking American A-list celebrities to coincidentally become best friends with very quickly.”