Actress Billie Piper has said she isn’t surprised that Secret Diary Of A Call Girl went down well in America – as the TV over there is more advanced.

While viewers in the UK approached the series with caution, other nations appeared to enjoy watching the antics of high-class escort Belle, played by Billie.

And Billie says she wasn’t surprised at the positive response the show received in the US.

She said: “When you think about their TV shows, Sex And The City – which is about four sexually liberated women, Dexter who’s a likeable serial killer and Weeds – about a mother who deals dope, they really are quite advanced in their TV.”

Billie added that the warm reception the show received in the US made a welcome change from criticism in this country that it glamorised prostitution.

She said: “I was really thrilled as it got some serious slamming over here and it was just quite nice that in the reviews Stateside they were more thorough about the ideas that the show had, rather than about me being an irresponsible role model.”

The second series of Secret Diary Of A Call Girl starts on Thursday September 11 on ITV2.