Vanessa Feltz has been ordered to pay more than £3,000 for hosting a noisy all-weekend party, a council said.

The 48-year-old broadcaster, who was presenting her radio programme when the case was heard in court, pleaded guilty in a letter to breaching council noise levels while celebrating her daughter’s engagement.

She was fined £1,500 and ordered to pay costs of around £1,700 after neighbours in St John’s Wood, north-west London, complained of loud music emanating from her house and garden.

Noise patrol officers from Westminster City Council were first called to the property on the afternoon of March 27 when the Vanessa was preparing for the marquee party.

When they arrived shortly before 5pm, Vanessa and her daughter explained they were performing sound tests.

The pair were served a statutory noise notice and advised to keep the music inside the house. They were warned that if the notice was ignored, they faced prosecution.

Five hours later, exasperated neighbours complained again.

The music was turned down but the festivities went on and complaints continued throughout the evening and into the early hours.

At 10.45am the next day, the presenter received another visit from council workers responding to more calls from irate neighbours. She was once again asked to reduce the volume.

Vanessa was ordered to pay an additional £15 victim surcharge by a judge at City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court, on top of her fine for twice breaching the peace, along with the council’s costs.

Andy Ralph, licensing manager at Westminster City Council, said: “All our residents have a right to a reasonable level of peace and quiet.

“We investigate all complaints and treat each one as seriously as the next, no matter who makes them or who they are made about.”