Vernon Kay has upset his wife Tess Daly – by posting a photo of her wearing a bikini online.

The TV presenter showed fans on Twitter the picture of Tess (copyright Vernon Kay/Twitter) having a waterfight in their garden to show off her post baby weight loss.

He told Closer: “We were larking around in the garden having a water fight and I thought, ‘Oh she looks great’, so I posted the picture online – I told her two hours later and she wasn’t best pleased, she said to me: ‘You what?!’

“And then the newspapers published the picture and there was nothing she could really do. But I said: ‘You look absolutely brilliant and that’s why I put it up there!'”

Vernon revealed the secret to Tess’ weight loss, just weeks after giving birth to their second daughter Amber, wasn’t going to the gym or dieting.

“Tess isn’t the sort of person who only eats the chicken without the skin,” he explained. “She allows herself what she feels like.

“I love cooking Jamie Oliver pasta dishes for her. And she absolutely hates the gym. She’s just got a high metabolism and is always on the go.”