Vernon Kay wants to be ‘classy’

Vernon Kay has revealed that he admires presenters such as Ant and Dec – saying they are ‘classy’.

Talking about the Geordie duo and light entertainment legends Bob Monkhouse and Bruce Forsyth, the Bolton-born host said: “They have a certain kind of on-screen etiquette that is very important these days.

“What Ant and Dec do is brilliant. They are two young lads, they’re of an age where they obviously love their football and they have great banter with their mates. But the way they carry themselves on screen is always nice, pleasant and polite, and they don’t need to swear to be funny.”

He added: “It’s much more classy. I don’t like comedians who swear. We can all go on stage and eff and jeff to get a titter, but it’s more difficult to come up with a good gag. The only reason you swear is because you can’t think of a better word.”

Vernon, who is about to front a new series of ITV1’s All Star Family Fortunes, also revealed that he and wife Tess Daly are keen not to embrace the celebrity lifestyle.

“We go to the odd do but we’re not one of these couples who want to be in the papers all the time,” he adds.

“There is definitely a decision to court it or to not court it, without a shadow of a doubt there is an element of that. If you want to be in the papers or get papped, it’s very easy, but you can just stay away from those places.”