Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer are returning to the BBC with a new istcom, House of Fools.

Set in Bob Mortimer’s home, BBC Two’s House Of Fools sees Bob beset by unwanted guests, visitors and lodgers who constantly fill his house.

Led by Vic, other characters Beef, Bosh and Julie wreak havoc on Bob’s life each week.

Vic Reeves is the long-term and most unwanted guest in Bob’s house, treating the place like his own with little regard for Bob’s wishes, along with Bob’s Norwegian son, Erik (Daniel Simonsen), who has absolutely no time at all for his ‘moron’ father, while next door is Julie (Morgana Robinson), who lives in a haze of imagined fantasies.

Among the other recurring characters in House of Fools is Beef (Matt Berry), a lady-obsessed lothario, not to be confused with Bosh (Dan Skinner), a Geordie ex-con who has designs on moving in as well.

The BBC promises House Of Fools ‘is half an hour of unadulterated Reeves & Mortimer, anarchic japes, unimaginable props and impossible situations’.