Shooting Stars host Vic Reeves has signed up to play a merchant sailor and devoted father in a new BBC2 sitcom.

Vic, who presented Shooting Stars with his comedy partner Bob Mortimer until it was axed by the BBC last year, has been cast as Tony Dixon in the six-part comedy series Hebburn.

The BBC2 drama centres around his son, Jason, a journalist ‘who has left Tyneside for the bright lights and glamour of Manchester’.

Fresh Meat actress Kimberley Nixon plays a middle-class Jewish girl who Jason has secretly married and decides to introduce to his family.

The sitcom has been created by stand-up comedian Jason Cook, based on his own experience of growing up in the North East.

Rising stand-up comedian Chris Ramsey has been cast at the ‘impetuous and ambitious Jason’.

Jason himself will also appear in the drama, as loveable rogue Ramsey, a character inspired by Chris Ramsey.

Jason said: “I somehow knew Chris would end up playing the young version of me and that I would be playing Ramsey and unbelievably, when I was younger my hair was even worse than Chris’s is now.”

Kristian Smith, executive editor of comedy commissioning, said: “We are delighted to be bringing Hebburn to BBC2.

“Not only does it bring back the warm heart of the North East to sitcom, but also delivers a charming and funny comedy about a grown up family with a fantastic cast attached.”