Victoria Beckham could be a guest judge on the American version of The X Factor if Simon Cowell has his own way, according to reports.

The music boss could offer her $1 million per programme for four shows as a guest judge.

An insider told The Mirror: “Simon was trying to get hold of Victoria for a few days, keen to suggest a few X Factor dates.

“When they did finally speak, she was incredibly flattered, not to mention surprised. Money was not discussed but as American TV judges go, the minimum she would be on in a four-show deal is $4 million.

“However, if she was to become a permanent fixture, she could earn tens of millions. Victoria told Simon she needs time to think about it as she is so busy with her fashion work right now. Looking at her hectic schedule, some of the dates mooted could be problematic as David is away, so she wants to work from home and look after the kids.

“But Simon is incredibly charming so who knows. They did have a long conversation and although Victoria thinks she will be too manic to commit, she loved her time on the Idol panel.”

Victoria told Simon off for rolling his eyes during auditions as she appeared for the first time as an American Idol judge – but her job as a panelist on the show has been controversial.

One fan told the Mirror that ‘she was awesome’ while a disgruntled viewer wasn’t impressed by her ‘bony physique’.

Victoria’s manager Simon Fuller won’t be happy if she decides to join The X Factor as he’s the man behind American Idol.