Victoria Derbyshire ‘can’t stop crying’ as she kisses goodbye to chemo

After being diagnosed with breast cancer in July last year, Victoria Derbyshire has said that she “can’t stop crying” after completing her last session of chemotherapy.

The BBC presenter bid farewell to her cancer treatment in an emotional video diary.

Wiping away tears, the 47-year-old said she was looking forward to having a cuddle with her sons to celebrate.

The former Newsnight and BBC Radio 5 Live presenter said: “I’m home and I’m happy and I can’t stop crying which is mad.

Victoria Derbyshire undergoing chemotherapy

Victoria Derbyshire undergoing chemotherapy (BBC)

“I think it might be six months of tears just coming out in one go, if that’s possible.

“When it was over, the drugs had stopped going into me through the IV drip … I think I felt in shock, I couldn’t really speak. Which is not like me as you’ll have gathered.

“Now I just want to see my boys after work. After work? After school, and have a cuddle and have a celebratory tea and get on with the rest of my life.”

Victoria Derbyshire

Victoria Derbyshire (Fiona Hanson/PA)

The clip then cuts to Victoria’s boys presenting her with a bouquet of flowers and chorusing “Happy end of chemo mummy. No more chemo!”, to which she squeals and replies “Gosh, thank you”.

Victoria shared the video with her 50,000-plus followers on Twitter accompanied by the words: “GOODBYE CHEMO!!!”.

The presenter also made a video diary during her treatment last year, when she had a mastectomy.

She previously said she hoped sharing the clips would reassure women that having treatment for the condition is “do-able”.

Victoria Derbyshire undergoing chemotherapy

Victoria Derbyshire undergoing chemotherapy (BBC)


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