Viewers roast Josie Gibson for her ‘no jump’ on The Jump

Former Big Brother winner Josie Gibson got a hard time from viewers of The Jump for bottling the jump and exiting the Channel 4 show

Josie Gibson faced a backlash among The Jump viewers after she failed to actually… jump.

The former Big Brother winner was one of the contestants left facing the dreaded ski jump at the end of the first episode of the new series, but seemed to bottle out.

The Jump (Channel 4)
The Jump (Channel 4)


Host Davina McCall then confirmed that Josie was a ‘no jump’, which means she now leaves the competition.

On Twitter, many viewers were less than sympathetic, with several wondering why the blonde had signed up for a series set around a jump if she wasn’t going to do one.


However, some people watching at home understood how scary it must have been.


Josie responded on Monday that she needed more time to get comfortable on the jump.


The Jump continues on Channel 4 on Sunday, February 12


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