TV regulator Ofcom is to investigate The Catherine Tate Christmas Show after a number of viewers complained about the obscene language and offensive subject matter.

The Mirror reports that there have been more than 100 phone and email messages complaining about the use of the F-word by the foul-mouthed Cockney character Nan.

As well, a recurring sketch featuring a Northern Irish family as terrorists caused complaints of bigotry and stereotyping.

But the BBC says the Catherine Tate Show was broadcast well after the watershed, at 10.30pm and said the 6.4 million who watched it were aware the comedy was famous for its ‘satire and gross exaggeration’.

That didn’t stop one view complaining: “Maybe the lowest point for BBC1 on Christmas Day… ever.”

Ofcom is expected to make a ruling on whether the language was excessive considering many children would have been able to watch the programme during a holiday.