Vince, Tyler, Bo and Leanne through to Voice final

Vince Kidd, Tyler James, Bo Bruce and Leanne Mitchell will compete in the final ofThe Voice next weekend after fending off competition from their teammates in the semi-final.

The result – which was decided entirely by public vote instead of the judges for the first time this series – meant that favourites Ruth Brown and Jaz Ellington both made a surprise exit from the competition.

Ruth – who had been the bookies’ favourite to win – lost out to Leanne in Tom Jones’ team, and afterwards said she had “really enjoyed” her time on the show as the veteran singer paid tribute to her talents.

“Ruth is a great singer and a wonderful person,” he said, “and she will be a star, I will make sure of that.”

And Will said of Jaz prior to his departure, “It’s not every day you meet people that are blessed with a gift like Jaz. He struck an emotion with me when I first heard him sing.”

Jaz added, “I have learned a lot from Will, from all you coaches. I have so much I can take with me and I am so thankful.”

Meanwhile Danny O’Donoghue bid farewell to Max Milner while Becky Hill was the departing member of Jessie J’s team.

“I have been so blessed by coming here and I can’t think of anyone better to lose to than Vince,” Becky said afterwards, while Jessie J said, “I can’t wait to see her blossom into a worldwide superstar.”

Max said of his departure, “I’ve had the most incredible time, met so many people and learnt so much. And I feel like I’ve kept my integrity throughout it.”

Sunday’s show also featured a performance from Kylie Minogue, who sang her new track Timebomb.

The winner of the series will be crowned in a two-hour final next Saturday night, with a record contract up for grabs.

Meanwhile viewing figures for the series continued to disappoint following its strong start.

According to early estimates an average of just 4.5 viewers tuned in to the semi-final – 1.2m fewer than the previous week’s show.