Dame Vivienne Westwood may be retiring from fashion to present a TV show about climate change.

The British style icon, whose designs are still dominating London fashion decades after she pioneered punk fashion in the 1970s, revealed her plans at the Institute of Contemporary Arts fundraising gala at London’s Koko club this week.

Vivienne, 68, told The Daily Express: “I am not retiring, but I wouldn’t mind having a change of job – I want to do something for the human race – at the moment, I am working on a new TV programme called Get A Life.

“The name works on two levels. First, it is about making sure we have a world habitable for future generations and, second, it’s asking, ‘What are you doing about your life now?’ Put something into life, don’t just sit there like an idiot.”

Vivienne also told the Daily Mail: “I often think I could do with a new job, to be honest. I am trying to make a TV programme at the moment. It’s going to be all about climate change. I am only in the development stages, but I hope it will be picked up by a channel.”

Though still to be commissioned, a pilot is under way and Vivienne will be in front of the camera.

The designer, who is married to her former fashion student Andreas Kronthaler, 43, has long been an avid environmental campaigner, using her catwalk shows to raise awareness.

Last month she urged people to stop buying new clothes and concentrate on recycling what they’ve got.