Voice finalist hits out at X Factor

Voice finalist Barbara Bryceland has blasted The X Factor, saying that it is more interested in “gimmicks” than finding real talent.

The 47-year-old Scottish grandmother – who won a place in Tom Jones’ team on Saturday night’s show – criticised Simon Cowell, who turned her down when she auditioned for the show in 2007.

“It was mostly gimmicky singers that got in there. Older singers were never taken seriously. The Voice definitely respects you more,” she told The Sun.

Barbara added that she had no idea Tom Jones was one of the judges on the show – and was “overwhelmed” when he picked her for his team after impressing him with her rendition of Wild Horses.

“OK he is a massive, massive superstar. But I think he has applied a lot of the same principles that I have throughout my years — work hard and be professional,” she said.

“I’ve always been a fan of Tom Jones,” Barbara added, “I’m starstruck. He’s absolutely brilliant – what a voice he has. And yes, I do have a crush on him.”

Meanwhile Jessie J has also hit out at Cowell after he admitted he would love to have her as a judge on one of his shows, saying, “I’m not going anywhere.”

“The Voice is the show that represents everything I am about,” she added. “I’ve always supported X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent. I’ve been on both and performed. But I love being part of The Voice… and I ­genuinely want these people to come out of this show at the end and know that they’re equipped to tackle the music industry.

“The Voice isn’t about gimmicks. X Factor rely on that and that’s their thing – but it’s not our thing.”