Wacko Jacko set for American Idol?

Michael Jackson is apparently considering an appearance on American Idol for his anticipated return to the spotlight.

Ryan Seacrest, who hosts the hit US TV show, told Us Weekly that Jacko is ‘certainly a possibility’ to appear on the show as a guest judge or mentor to the contestants.

A representative for the singer said plans for Michael to make a high-profile comeback on the show are still “unconfirmed” but declared rumours of a Las Vegas comeback concert to be ‘untrue’.

American Idol creator Simon Fuller apparently flew to Sin City two weeks ago to begin talks with the star.

Fans of the latest series of the show are also speculating that Jacko’s possible appearance could be the ‘big event’ that the American Idol’s producers have been hinting at of late.

“It would definitely make compelling television,” Ryan told the magazine, while a source close to the star added that, “Michael is in talks”.