This Walford resident to go on MURDER ‘rampage’ in EastEnders at Christmas?

Mick Carter could extract a brutal revenge on Stuart this festive season, teases EastEnders actor Danny Dyer

EastEnders star Danny Dyer has dropped a big hint that Mick Carter could murder Stuart Highway this Christmas.

Mick is set to be released from prison in time for his turkey dinner after being stitched up by Stuart. And the 41-year-old actor said that Mick would now go on a Christmas “rampage” and that someone was “going to get it” in Walford!

EastEnders Linda, Mick and Stuart outside Vic

Could Mick murder Stuart this Christmas in EastEnders? Or, might Linda kill him!

Mick isn’t also best pleased that Stuart has been messing around with his wife Linda and even nicking his job as Santa – something that creeped out fans.

Speaking on The Jonathan Ross Show, Danny said: “He is out and he is on the rampage. He’s got the right hump, Jon. He has been set up and not only that, [other character, Stuart] has been sniffing around my old woman in it and wearing my clothes behind the bar, so I want some answers mate. It has wound me up a bit.”

Hinting that Mick could turn to murder (or might it be Linda doing the killing?), Danny added: “It’s Christmas in Walford, someone is going over mate.”

Danny went on to say how much he enjoyed being on EastEnders. “It is a great gig, I do love it there… It’s great running The Vic, I love the people there. I am very grateful for it.”

Meanwhile, while Linda may have finally got a confession out of Stuart, it doesn’t mean he’s about to let Mick and Linda get on with their lives. We can expect more twists and turns in tonight’s EastEnders.

Finally, Danny’s chat with Jonathan took an intriguing turn when he suggested that his co-guest Joan Collins should have a role in EastEnders.

Joan replied: “I’ve been in Coronation Street, I made an appearance. They’ve never asked me again. Okay, I’ll come on, what could I play? A bar lady?”


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