Walking Dead star Andrew: ‘I don’t watch the show’

Star Andrew Lincoln has revealed he never watches episodes of The Walking Dead.

Despite starring in the AMC zombie series as Sheriff Rick Grimes, the British actor admitted he doesn’t catch himself on the small screen.

“I don’t actually watch the show. I kind of know what happened – I was sort of in it,” he told TVLine.

The 39-year-old confessed he couldn’t bring himself to see his character’s breakdown after his screen wife Lori (played by Sarah Wayne Callies) died in the third season: “I kind of thought, you know, when I was on my knees wailing, ‘Well, I left everything on the ballpark here.'”

Andrew revealed he didn’t want Sarah to be on set, on the day he shot the scene where Rick finds out about Lori’s death.

“A lot of it is about feeling relaxed enough to make mistakes, or to look like a fool, or to dare to go to a place that I wouldn’t necessarily go to. Maybe I was a bit self-conscious with Sarah being there and not wanting to turn that scene into a spectator’s sport,” he said.

“I admire her so much as an actress, and I was so upset about losing her as [a co-star] that I just wanted to do it justice – do her justice.”

He said being a dad in real life helps him to wind down after filming The Walking Dead.

“It is a brutal and dark place you have to inhabit, but I’m very good at disengaging. And there’s no better way to unplug than having children,” he revealed.

“Changing diapers is one of the most levelling things that has ever happened to me. Realising that my children are the centre of the universe and not me is probably one of the greatest ways to acclimatise.”


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