Wallace & Gromit return to TV (VIDEO)

Oscar-winning claymation stars Wallace & Gromit are returning to their first love – television – with a new half-hour adventure.

Trouble at ‘Mill will be their first television show since their 1995 classic A Close Shave. They’ve since been feted in Hollywood and experienced global success, crowned last year with the Oscar for best animated feature for The Curse of the Were-Rabbit.

The BBC reports that Trouble at’ Mill is a murder-mystery in which Wallace and Gromit run a bakery business. It also introduces a new love interest for Wallace, bread-loving Piella Bakewell.

Aardman Animations boss Nick Park says: “The story takes Wallace and Gromit in a direction we haven’t seen before, both emotionally and technically.”

Park is looking forward to returning to the shorter format after making Chicken Run and Were-Rabbit back to back. Both took five years to create.

Trouble at’ Mill will take about seven months to create and will be shown on the BBC.

CLICK here to watch Nick Park make the announcement.

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