A TV production company is looking for willing volunteers to take part in a new documentary – with their mum or dad!

Mentorn Media are searching for parents and children who like to go dating together to take part in the programme.

The company says they are keen to hear from lively and outgoing mum and daughter or dad and son combinations, who think of each other as the perfect wingman.

They are looking for mum and daughter teams who like to live it up together in the hottest nightspots, as well as those who think being out with their parent actually cramps their style.

And they’re also keen to hear from sons whose dads are a pro when it comes to pulling women, as well as mums and daughters who have made a play for the some man.

Finally, if you’re eager for your parent to get back out and meet someone new, or if you’re a parent whose child’s social scene helps you to meet potential partners, then Mentorn want to hear from you.

If you’re over 16 and interested in taking part, contact Kate on 207 258 6840 or email: kashton@mentorn.tv