Warning: Sunday Aug 31 X Factor auditions require ear plugs!

We don’t want to give away too much, but when you watch the second round of X Factor auditions, do have ear plugs or cotton wool handy because, about halfway through the show, you’re going to need them.

“It was like you’d swallowed a load of people and they were all screaming,” Simon Cowell says to the singer.

But the show isn’t all bad…

Saturday night it was Jay James’s audition that had Simon saying, “That is how you do it.”

Sunday night, Cheryl says, “That’s how you do an audition” to one of the many groups who line up to perform for the judges.

And Simon agrees, telling the group “I’d love to work with you”.

But Cheryl’s “favourite audition so far” isn’t a boy band or a girl group, it’s a solo artist who teaches her “not to judge a book by its cover”.

Talking of judging… If you don’t like call centre workers you’re going to have to look away from the show for a while… well, for quite a while. Well, you know how those call centre people like to talk… And this one tells Simon he’s “the God of X Factor”, so Simon’s happy to let him talk all he wants.

The good, the bad – and the painful to listen to… they’re all in the second round of auditions on The X Factor, ITV, Sunday, August 31, 8.00pm.

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