Warren Brown: ‘It’s in my contract I have to take my top off!’

Warren Brown, star of BBC1’s new primetime police drama By Any Means, says he relishes the opportunity to get physical while acting.

“My background before acting was in Thai boxing, so I’ve always enjoyed anything that’s physical in acting,” Warren, who is a two-time World Champion Thai Boxer, told What’s on TV. “When I was starting acting I knew I was learning a new trade from scratch, so I made a conscious decision then not to bang on about it [Thai boxing]. Now it’s 10 years in and I feel I’ve got a couple of credits on my CV and can call myself an actor. But any opportunity to marry the two is great!”

Warren, who also starred in Hollyoaks, Luther and Good Cop, also disclosed he keeps his clothes on in By Any Means – mostly!

“It’s in my contract that I’ve always got to take my top off,” laughs Warren, 35. “I think I only get my top off in By Any Means once and it wasn’t that graphic – I was in a bed. So I’m mostly clad.”

The six-part series By Any Means premieres on Sunday on BBC1 and also stars Shelley Conn (Mistresses), Andrew Lee Potts (Primeval), Gina McKee and Elliot Smith (Sinbad).