Warwick Davis: ‘It’s about the play and performances, not how short we are’

Life’s Too Short star Warwick Davis has no problem making light of his height, but with his visionary theatre company Reduced Height Theatre he asks audiences to forget about the size of the actors and concentrate on their performances.

“The ethos is to celebrate short actors without making reference to their size. So none of the comedy is related to us being short. It’s about the play and performances,” he explained to What’s on TV in an interview about his new holiday programme Weekend Escapes With Warwick Davis.

Warwick continued: “To help out I’ve reduced the size of the set so it’s perfectly scaled to the cast – who have an average height of 4ft 2in.

“We’re currently touring with a comedy called See How They Run. Hopefully while watching it you’ll forget we’re short and just enjoy the play.”

Born with dwarfism Warwick, 44, has starred in some of the industry’s biggest productions, including the much-loved film Willow, and the Star Wars and Harry Potter movie franchises.

Warwick Davis’s new six-part holiday programme Weekend Escapes sees him travelling around the UK with his family, and premieres on ITV, April 11th.

A full interview with Warwick will appear in next week’s What’s on TV magazine, on shelves from Tuesday, April 4.

See How They Run tickets are available here.