Everyone’s favourite dysfunctional teenage reprobates are about to start their final year at school – and you can mug up by clicking on the below link for a brilliant sneak preview.

We’re not talking about Skins, by the way. We’re talking The Inbetweeners, which returns to E4 in September for a very welcome (but quite rude) third series.


Series three sees the gruesome foursome reaching the end of the road as far as Rudge Park Comprehensive is concerned; next summer, it’s gap years or university. But if our preview clip is anything to go by, not much has changed as the boys enter their final stretch.

Jay (James Buckley) is up to his usual tricks, claiming that he spent the summer in a Thai kickbox training camp (either that, or he was staying with his nan in Great Yarmouth). Neil (Blake Harrison) thinks that being in Year 13 means that he will get ‘the pick of the birds’ (and the teachers) and be allowed to smash plates in the Sixth Form common room. And Simon (Joe Thomas) thinks this may be the year that he finally gets together with Carly. Yawn.

Meanwhile, Will (Simon Bird) is just hoping that the next 12 months won’t be quite so painful or embarrassing as the previous 12 – but given that he faces a year of relentless barracking after losing control of his bowels in the end-of-year exams, that may be an idle dream.

For the stars of the show, the return of the series came as a welcome surprise. According to reports earlier this year, James Buckley only heard about the show’s recommissioning when a fan congratulated him about it on Twitter.

“Where has Inbetweeners 3 been announced?” he wrote at the time. “Genuinely haven’t been told… sending a few text messages to see if there really is a third series.”

He later added: “Green light on series three, just didn’t get round to telling us boys! Gonna have celebratory Coco Pops.”

Well, it’s definitely back – and you can enjoy a pre-term taster of The Inbetweeners by clicking here: