Watch a trailer for US Gavin and Stacey (VIDEO)

A trailer for the US version of Gavin and Stacey US has been released.

Fox TV has released an extended teaser for Us and Them on YouTube.

Fans of the show will recognise all of the familiar characters with leads Gavin and Stacey keeping the same names and meeting up in person after striking up a friendship over the phone at work.

James Corden’s Smithy and Ruth Jones’s Nessa are replaced by scruffy looking friends, while Gavin’s parents and Stacey’s mum and uncle also make an appearance.

Many of the jokes will be familiar too, including Stacey’s uncle bringing round a rape alarm the night before the couple meet up for their first date and their friends chaperoning them, but ending having in a night of passion themselves.

Mathew Horne’s character Gavin is played by Parenthood actor Jason Ritter, while Mad Men and Gilmore Girls star Alexis Bledel takes on Joanna Page’s role of Stacey.

Pamela, Gavin’s mum, was a favourite character in the UK played by Alison Steadman and is replaced by Malcolm In The Middle actress Jane Kaczmarek.

Creators James and Ruth will not appear in the show, but are executive producers alongside Steve Coogan.

The sitcom about a couple from the different worlds of Billericay, Essex and Barry, Wales features the couple split between New York and Pennsylvania in the US version.


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