When chubby barista Tommy is catapulted from a coffee shop into the glamourous but ruthless fashion industry after an agent spots his beautiful hands, he thinks all his dreams have come true. But he soon finds that living with three models isn’t all it’s cracked up to be!

I Live With Models is a brand new flat-share sitcom for Comedy Central, set on the fringes of the fashion industry in Miami and follows the everyday adventures of four naïve 20-somethings coming face to (flawless) face with the real world.

Tommy can take everything his new career throws at him but the hard part is dealing with his new roommates – a tough-talking catalogue model, a muscled lothario and a neurotic catwalk diva.

The series which guest stars Poppy Delevingne – sister of famous British model Cara – begins on Comedy Central tonight. Check out this clip! 

I Live With Models begins at 9pm on Monday 23 February on Comedy Central.