David Walliams and Matt Lucas have released sneak previews of their unseen characters for their new show, Little Britain USA.

Click the clips below to watch Ellie-Grace, a potty-mouthed little girl, the terminally-married couple George and Sandra, and gym buddies Mark and Tom.

The videos appear on the UK version of comedy website Funny or Die, which the pair have taken on with hit US comedian Will Ferrell.

“When I first saw Little Britain, I thought David and Matt were two of the funniest Canadians I’ve ever seen,” said Ferrell. “And then I felt like an idiot when I realised they’re from Australia.”

The Little Britain stars will provide exclusive clips and sketches every month including previews of their new HBO series Little Britain USA for the site, which launches on Tuesday, September 23.

The first series of Little Britain USA will be shown on BBC One in the autumn.

Watch clips from the new series…

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George and Sandra reflect on their everlasting love. Featuring monkeys. Isn’t love a wonderful thing?

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It’s bedtime for Miss. Ellie-Grace. But it seems she has other things on her mind than a bedtime story.

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