Watch a playful tabby cat hilariously wreck a TV interview!

A tabby cat, like the one pictured, had fun at the expense of its poor owner on Dutch telly

They say never work with animals or children, and Polish historian Jerzy Targalski probably wished he’d taken that advice after his loveable orange tabby cat caused chaos during a TV interview he gave to Dutch telly!

Jerzy was trying desperately to talk about serious stuff, but his cat Lisio was having none of it! Dutch reporter Rudy Bourma posted the clip, praising Jerzy for remaining “completely unruffled” during the interview.

The cat did plenty of mewing before climbing onto Jerzy’s shoulders, sticking his tail in his face and then giving him a good lick! You have to admire the way Jerzy just ploughs on, removing his cat’s tail from his face at one point, as he desperately tries to talk about a ruling by a top Polish judge on a Dutch news show called Niewsuur.

The clip brings back memories of Professor Robert Kelly being interrupted by his children while he was trying to give an interview live on air to BBC News last year.

And, just like Jerzy, Professor Kelly also managed to keep his cool!

He later told The Guardian: “I couldn’t understand why the BBC was carrying on with the interview. Maybe they realised right away that this was comedy gold.”

Photo by Wilfried Martin/imageBROKER/REX/Shutterstock