Watch the A-Z of Sheridan Smith (VIDEO)

It’s hard to believe, considering the breadth and depth of her glittering career, but Sheridan Smith is just 33. From Two Pints of Lager and The Royle Family to Mrs Biggs and Cilla, the Lincolnshire export has become one of British TV’s top talents.

She’s the girl next door, if the girl next door happened to have a remarkable gift for playing heartbreaking drama and rib-tickling comedy.

On Sunday, May 3, she’s tackling probably her most challenging role to date, playing the late Lisa Lynch in BBC1’s The C Word. It’s the story of the life and death of a journalist who turned her cancer diagnosis into a poignant, funny and massively popular blog, Alright Tit.

Sheridan was Lisa’s only choice of who would play her. After that kind of honour, we decided to provide our own…

Watch Sarah’s A-Z of Sheridan Smith, above.

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