Watch the new trailer for Sherlock series 3

Eagle-eyed Sherlock fans who carried on watching after The Day Of The Doctor had finished on BBC One on Saturday night had the chance to catch a glimpse of a brand new trailer for the show.

The brief clip offered only snippets of new material, including footage of Martin Freeman as Dr Watson, complete with moustache, as well as the evidence that Benedict Cumberbatch’s title character is very much alive.

However much of the trailer was given over to the show as a social media phenomenon, as a fan read the news on her mobile phone before ‘Sherlock lives’ type tags popped up all over the screen.

The new three part series is set to reveal how Sherlock survived his apparently fatal rooftop plunge at the end of series two finale The Reichenbach Fall – as well as see Holmes and Watson tackle more mysteries.

The first episode of the new series, The Empty Hearse, will have its UK premiere at the BFI on London’s Southbank on Sunday December 15 – although no transmission date for the shows has yet been confirmed by the BBC.

However the fact that the series is due to debut on US screens on January 19 suggests viewers on this side of the pond won’t have long to wait.

Watch the trailer below.


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