How to watch ITV’s real-life crime drama The Pembrokeshire Murders online anywhere in the world

The Pembrokeshire Murders is a real-life crime drama heading for ITV

There is no shortage of true-crime dramas on TV these days, but this latest offering from ITV is certainly one to remember. Here’s how to watch The Pembrokeshire Murders online anywhere in the world.

This addictive three-part crime series sees Luke Evans as real-life detective DCS Steve Wilkins of the Dyfed-Powys Police force, who risked his reputation by reopening two unsolved double murder cases from the 1980s.

But in a completely bizarre twist, the killer’s downfall was partly due to his appearance on classic ITV game show Bullseye.

TV tonight The Pembrokeshire Murders

Luke Evans as DCS Steve Wilkins, alongside co-star Alexandria Riley who plays DI Ella Richards (Picture: WARREN ORCHARD)

Adapted from the true-crime book Catching The Bullseye Killer, this series reveals the evidence used to eventually convict Cooper of the killings.

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As well as Luke Evans as DCS Steve Wilkins, the drama stars Keith Allen as killer John Cooper.

Other cast includes Alexandria Riley who plays DI Ella Richards and David Fynn as an ITV news reporter who plays a part in the investigation. Caroline Berry also stars as Cooper’s wife, Patricia.

How to watch The Pembrokeshire Murders online in the UK for free

The Pembrokeshire Murders starts on Monday January 11th on ITV at 9pm.

The next part is on Tuesday January 12th on ITV at 9pm and the final part is on Wednesday 13th January at 9pm.

You can watch online via the ITV Hub and the series will also be available in the same place if you want to catch up on each episode at a later date.

How to watch The Pembrokeshire Murders online from abroad 

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How to watch The Pembrokeshire Murders in the US  

The Pembrokeshire Murders is currently unavailable to watch in America at the moment.

How to watch The Pembrokeshire Murders in Australia 

Sadly, here are also no current plans to show the The Pembrokeshire Murders in Australia.

The Pembrokeshire Murders starts on Monday January 11th on ITV at 9pm – see our TV Guide for more dramas not to be missed. 

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