Watch out Rolling Stones – The Zimmers are officially the oldest group in rock ‘n’ roll and they could be about to take your crown.

The 40-strong troupe, with a combined age of over 3,000, recently took over the famous Abbey Road studios to cover The Who’s classic song My Generation, in an attempt to show that you’re never too old for rock ‘n’ roll.

The Zimmers are the focus of a BBC2 documentary, Power To The People, in which filmmaker Tim Samuels exposes the appalling way that some elderly people are treated.
The ageing rockers will release their version of My Generation on Bank Holiday Monday to coincide with transmission of Power To The People.

And it stands a good chance of making it into the charts – the video has already had more than a million hits on YouTube.

Led by 90-year-old lead singer, Alf, The Zimmers’ other members include 99-year-old Winifred, who is fed up in old people’s homes; Joan, who is stuck in a tower block which she has barely left for three years; and a group of friends whose social life has been ruined by the closure of their local bingo hall.

Power To The People can be seen on BBC2 at 9pm on Monday May 28.

Click below to watch a video of The Zimmers in action.