Waterloo Rd’s Abby: ‘Dynasty knows Steve-O’s bad for her’

The star of BBC1’s Waterloo Road Abby Mavers gives us the lowdown on Dynasty’s jailbird boyfriend, Steve-O!

Dynasty’s ex boyfriend, Steve-O (Jody Latham), has made an unexpected appearance in her life recently. Why does he have such a strong hold over her and her family?
“Steve-O, who has recently been released from prison, is a good friend of the Barry family. He helped their father a lot when he was in prison, so the family adore him and are loyal to him. Dynasty used to be madly in love with Steve-O but now she knows he’s bad for her.”

What affect does Steve-O’s appearance have on Dynasty?
“Dynasty has started to adapt to Waterloo Road and the school is beginning to teach her she can achieve things if she puts her mind to it. So when Steve-O comes back she’s on a different path – but he manages to take her off track and distract her! He brings out the side of Dynasty she’s trying to get away from; the side that wants to break away from the family and not turn out like them.”

So far Steve-O has proposed to Dynasty. And this week she breaks up with boyfriend Kevin. What is it about Steve-O that she can’t say no to?
“He’s quite a strong and intimidating person. You get the impression that, in the past, there’s probably been an abusive side to Steve-O, whether that was mentally or physically, so she knows what he’s capable of. When she accepted his proposal she was flattered and excited yet also fearful. Plus there was pressure from her family, who she knew would be disappointed if she said no. Dynasty doesn’t know her own worth and part of her thought if married Steve-O and they move back to Liverpool she could make a good life for herself. She can’t quite believe she’ll ever achieve anything and that her dreams of going to university are probably a bit deluded. Basically she lacks confidence in herself.”

All that’s changed, however, when she ended up in a loving relationship with Kevin (Tommy Lawrence Knight) recently. How did that come about?
“Dynasty and Kevin’s early friendship reminded me of the love-hate relationship between Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley in Harry Potter! Yet they couldn’t help being charmed by each other. It would be nice to see a happy ending for them. Unfortunately when they get to the point of realising there’s something there, Steve-O appears and ruins that for them!”

And things turn nasty this week when Dynasty dumps Kevin in order to protect him from Steve-O – only for Steve-O to turn on Dynasty?
“Without wanting to give too much away, we’re going to see a completely different side to Dynasty. She’s not as tough and hard as she appears. Expect to see her stripped back and in a vulnerable state. I think it might be quite shocking to see.”

How was it working with Jody Latham, who plays Steve-O? He seems genuinely frightening at times.
“Jody brings a realness to Steve-O and is genuinely intense and frightening at some points! It’s funny seeing him be a big meanie because he’s actually a softie in real life!”

What sort of reaction have you had from fans of the show to you and the character of Dynasty?
“It’s been fantastic. The younger girls love the heels, nails and eyelashes. A lot of my friends were shocked by my appearance and laughed their heads off! But no one’s been nasty to me. I think people appreciate the comedy side of her. I’m very fond of her – you can’t help but pour a bit of yourself into a character and care for them.”

Do you enjoy the aspect of Dynasty’s personality that means you get to dress up in high heels and fake eyelashes?
“It’s amazing how much it makes me feel in character. Dynasty is so far removed from me in real life – I like my girly things but I’m more of a tomboy. So it’s nice to go into work every day looking a show and sit in a chair and get made up – I love it!”

You’re 24-years-old now. Is it a strange returning to a school setting and playing a schoolgirl?
“It is a bit, but it’s nice. When I was in school I was always in detention but in Waterloo Road I’m top of the class. It’s been fun to go back to school and do well!”


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